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Bicycle Space

by Bicycle Face

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The Fainting 02:14
The Fainting of the nearby supergiant Betelgeuse With squinting eyes we search the night skies For its light to diffuse Refrain: And as light grows dim We will sing this hymn to the stars Verse 2: A bright light cannot burn forever No it fades to blue You cannot trust a supernova to be there for you Refrain: And as light grows dim We will sing this hymn to the stars Bridge: High on Orion’s shoulder Watch as we float on this boulder Darling don’t fear getting older Don’t fear Verse 3: Cast your eyes heavenward and observe the celestial blast It’s hard to just be, let alone to see, when it’s overcast Refrain: And as light grows dim We will sing this hymn And as light grows dim We will sing
Rosetta 04:04
Rosetta Verse 1: There’s no nighttime of the soul out here You can’t fall too hard beyond the atmosphere Still I send these oscillations t’ward that dot of blue And I feel the tug of gravity upon my knees oooo Verse 2/Pre: I’ve got a horror vacui It could be filled by you and I Would like to speculate It’s you it’s you Oh please don’t hesitate Across these cosmic rays I gaze for days and days, Adaze Chorus: Rosetta No tragic trajectory could ensue I’ll let ya Reside in my field of view Verse 3/Pre: The very thought of you Fills me with a fascination The nearer-ness of you Results in heightened sublimation The suns would always shine If I were yours and you were mine Chorus x2
Deep See 04:29
Verse 1: Were you looking for me, safe in your submarine I’ve been waiting for you, down at the bottom of the sea Were you secretly hoping that I would not exist? I’ve been softly floating, praying that your seeking would persist Chorus 1: They say true love will find you in the end They say forgiveness can be sweeter than revenge They say a lot of things, but sayings won’t provide you water wings There’s no use in trying to pretend Verse 2: I spent the summer in a blue breath of air If you’ll believe, I’ll tell you of the visions I’ve seen there And if the sky and shoreline live up to what I’ve heard Sinking I’ll still decline, I’ll never be part of your world Chorus 2: If you’re listening I’ve some wisdom to impart They say that knowledge helps to heal a hurting heart And I fear that soon your ventricles will lie encased in tentacles Darling there’s no better time to start
Icarus 02:27
Verse 1: Amongst all these zeroes I think I might’ve found the one But like Emperor Nero I’m flying too close to the sun Chorus 1: You might say “Hey, Don’t you mean Icarus?” And you’d be right But Rome, Rome is still burning And we both know Who lit that fire Verse 2: This isn’t like me Usually I have all of the facts An answer for your questions Whenever you think to ask Chorus 2: You might say “Why, My dear Icarus Would you trust in wax? When Rome, Rome is still burning Rome is still burning?” Bridge: With my head all full of passwords I cannot recall the past words I used to open up I used to open up Complications alpha-numeric It’s so cryptic I can’t bear it I used to open up I used to open up (Instrumental Breakdown/Outro)
Verse 1: She came to life as a Capricorn Proximal wife of a cold December born Sagitarius, Ripe with wandering lust, he chased her mermaid thighs Through the sky each dusk... And her bare heart shivered in the winter light When the watery stars did align one night But Aquarius, promising a holy grail Bore only broken dreams in his empty pail Chorus: Be my constellation, temporary installation I will wait so patiently, one bright month is all I need You can count the lucky stars in me Verse 2: I read the signs on an August day that said a new love truly must be bound my way But, dear reader, don’t let signs lead you astray Gentle Virgo – oh I always knew you'd never stay And what became of our dear dejected Capricorn? She’d laid no claim to the winter months whence she was bourne Wandered far, til her stars scattered and her cloak was torn Tired and worn, found a summer sky where weather was more patient Bridge: Settled down between a lion and crustacean Leo purred into her ear, “We’re so elated to have you here upon our beach, you lovely, lonely goat, it’s all in reach The orgiastic break you seek You won’t be sorry, come be free Dear Cap, you only needed a vacation Verse 3: She settled down under Cancer’s moon On a sandy beach in sleepy summer union Seems hilarious that she’d worried even for a day Lay back, rest that uneasy fishtail in the waves And my dear… Chorus x 2
Innerlude 01:17
Great Debate 03:42
Verse 1/Intro: (First voice:) Let your song morph to my guitar Sing me white dwarfs and neutron stars Tell me more, I’m never far behind You’re a force too great for gravity to bind Let the waves of your collapse caress my Mind Verse 2: (Second Voice:) I knew you back in the day Of blinding lights and escapades What became of you? You fade away, Your feet upon the ground, your mind in outer space Your heart not on red carpets your shoes grace Chorus: Fly me to the moon I just got here, don’t burst my bright hot air balloon Supernova you’re too hot When you burn out don’t claim that you just missed your shot Verse 3: Don’t you know I’ve come to see The world in a different key Mixed up my core celestial chemistry Drawn all the more to your magnetic field Don’t let your flames engulf what’s really real Verse 4: All I want is to touch the other side Leave this world for bluer skies Shooting sparks across the great divide That star-crossed lovers point to from where they lie My name alive upon their lips long after my light’s died Chorus 2: Quiet nights of quiet stars Tell me, sun, when was the last time you took things too far? Bridge: Well I wish you could see The laws of physics won’t agree to disagree I just wanna feel the solar wind on my skin Before I cool up into astral debris Well I had a dream I was at the center, man, and everything was orbiting me The heavens are free, so I don’t wanna wait a million years To live out all my wildest dreams Verse 1+2: Let your song morph to my guitar (I knew you back in the day) Sing me white dwarfs and neutron stars Tell me more, I’m never far behind (What became of you? You fade away) You’re a force too great for gravity to bind Let the waves of your collapse caress my mind (Collapse, caress my mind)
Alien Mind 03:54
Verse 1: It’s automatic, nothing stays static Ovoid transistors lie veiled in the attic Bright floating lights that had left you forlorn You could’ve sworn, could’ve sworn that you had it When young and aloof, the age before disproof You had your own terms, your own tales and truths Born in a blue moon, bound to be saved soon Plucked from the schoolyard, the trials of your youth Chorus: You always knew, your alien mind felt those solar winds And we couldn’t have been of your questioning kind, of your wandering kin Verse 2: The strangers came raidin’ as your hope was fadin’ Drawn like a unicorn to a fair maiden Lights from the sky, well they’d found you in time And left with their moon machine fruitfully laden Were you a wolf with a great hungry mind Or a fawn sweetly crossing a dangerous line Chorus Instrumental Interlude Bridge: Poured all your wiles into test tubes and vials Your work so beguiling drew whispered denial But you didn’t need them, those hot-blooded heathens Demanding the truth, because facts are in style And if your shooting star bursts my helium heart At least I’ll have reached for a world apart And I’ll cry eureka when my antique eyes see a sign all we’d hoped for is ready to start Chorus Chorus 2: You saw right through the doubts and denial to electric dreams And we couldn’t believe that what you proved real could possibly be Chorus 3: You always knew, your alien mind felt those solar winds And we couldn’t have been of your questioning kind, of your world-weary kin
Outerlude 01:18
O Saturn 02:24
Verse 1: Tough luck, love You didn’t earn it Not good enough So Saturn will return it Turn all the mistakes I made Turn ‘em into lemonade Or limoncello O Saturn, Hello, again (Ah ah Aah ah) Verse 2: Walls fall down Walls fall down Into depression When you’re around You certainly leave an impression For instance this distance again What where why how who and when (Ah ah) The sky fades yellow O Saturn, Hello, again


released November 18, 2022

Lyrics and Music: Theresa Thor and Ava Wray
Vox/Synths: Theresa Thor
Guitars/Vox: Ava Wray
Drums: Ben Stokes
Recording/Mixing: Cam Loeppky
Mastering: Phil Bova


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Bicycle Face Winnipeg, Manitoba

Bicycle Face is melodic pop with elated electric guitar, scintillating synth and intricate harmonies. Idiosyncratic lyrics tell stories of ambivalent fairy tale heroines, lost love in outer space, and computer viruses intent on world domination.

Bicycle Face was formed in Winnipeg in 2013 by second-cousins- once-removed Ava Glendinning and Theresa Thordarson.
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